From Humble Appliance to Queen of the Aliens

by Martin Pavion

My life as an Alien Queen has been dramatic, turbulent but certainly inspirational. From my humble beginnings as the daughter of common household appliances I have been re-born. With the skills of some of Thailand’s most experienced metal surgeons you should now bow down before me.

Borg QueenIn the beginning, I’m not clear on exactly how long ago, my parents were just a common washer and dryer. They were paired perfectly, one complimented the other. When they were reaching the end of their usefulness they discussed passing along their parts so that they would have an exceptional testament to their lives.

They spoke to the artists that would create me, and told them explicitly that I was to become a queen. Be it by Metal Art, Junk Metal statue or Sci-fi sculpture. Therefore the Queen of the Aliens would be born. This is the story of my journey.

I began as my mother and father’s disassembled bodies. I was born from perhaps over 2000 unique parts freely given to me by my unselfish parents and some friends of our family.

I was created by 12 artists who each selected my parts, shapred me, cut me, chopped me and fired burning heat over all of my limbs to connect me together.

As I started to take shape and I could feel the life energy forming from the artists and the discarded appliances that would make me strong and powerful.

The way that the artists so carefully chose my parts and started to mold me, began forming my personality. I could feel the beginnings of no longer taking orders….but handing them out. After all I would be an Alien Queen.

The workers paid close attention to detail and were hand crafting me with superior welding and design skills as if I were their own child. My parents always fantasized that one day I’d become what I now am, a queen of the scrap metal world.

As the work continued over the next 30 days, I wondered where I would end up. Would I dominate the land of Thailand, or are there other countries to conquer? It was uncertain, but I was designed to be fearless and strong.

I am bold and impressive now that all my pieces have been assembled. I am beautiful, the artists did some great work on my body.

I was expertly polished on completion to remove any sharp edges. Then I was coated with a strong lacquer to protect me from weathering and my balance was checked to make sure I stood tall and strong. Behold my Majesty as I Arise now as an Alien Queen.

To some all this fuss to make me into the 3 metre tall Sci-fi sculpture that I have become may seem outrageous. However, when you actually see me, it will all become clear.

Unless you are planning a trip to Thailand, where I was born, you will be hard-pressed to find anything like me. Some people have made it their life’s mission to search for me. Their searches are always in vain.

I serve now as a guardian of suburban family. My mission is to serve protect and strike fear into any enemies I should encounter. I stand at the entrance to their portal of their home. I feel as if I am their protector… I am powerful and impressive. I was given the opportunity by my parents to become an Alien Queen, an intimidating, yet beautiful presence. This makes me an extraordinary piece of art as well as the perfect guardian.

I strike terror into the heart of an intruder, but can also convey the beauty of true art to the collector.

I have heard through my new family’s conversations that Alien guardians and my kind, as collectible art, are becoming more and more prevalent… beware….don’t be left out.

If you are interested in having a dedicated guardian, one of my cousins, brothers or sisters or just as a piece of truly collectible art, we are found in the discreet countryside workshops in far off Thailand.