About This Website

Science Fiction Articles began as a small collection of essays that I thought were pretty interesting.  They presented ideas that were provocative and forward-thinking.  Now that this collection has moved to its own Website I may expand my horizons and add other types of articles.  There is no “theme” to all this, other than that the content is speculative or about speculative ideas.  Science fiction, after all, is better named “speculative fiction” and it doesn’t even have to speculate about the future.  Speculative fiction can speculate about the present and the past and elsewhere.

As this site grows it will become more popular.  I have no doubt about that.  And that growing popularity will draw some of the wrong kind of attention.  If you are looking for a place where you can promote your Websites this is not it.  I won’t be accepting link requests or guest article requests.

So come along with me to the horizons of the human imagination.  I have no idea of where we will go or how far we get but the journey should be an interesting one.