Be the science Fiction Fan That You Really Are

Sam Worthington starred in James Cameron's 'Avatar'.

Sam Worthington starred in James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’.

Ask any random stranger which was their favorite Star Wars movie and almost everyone will give you an answer. Why? Because almost everyone has seen “Star Wars” or one of its sequels. Star Wars more than any other science fiction franchise is the link between mainstream society and science fiction. Perhaps only “Avatar” has been seen by more people but that remains to be seen.

Whether it’s the politics of Star Wars or Queen Amidala’s wardrobe, someone somewhere outside of science fiction fandom has taken an interest in some aspect of George Lucas’ mind child.

And while thanks to the Internet just about anyone can put together a list of science fiction links it takes a pretty shrewd understanding of the topic — born of a passion that surpasses a mother’s love for her baby — to put together one of those superfine megasupreme ultimate link lists that includes hundreds of categorized links.

The real distinction between a hard core scifi addict and the rest of us is how much you tell other people about science fiction. The more you know, the more you like, the more you share, the more hard core you are. There is no shame in being a science fiction nutcase but truth be told many of us are science fiction fans deep down inside.

That is why so many people have favorite episodes of Star Trek, favorite Harry Potter characters, and favorite Star Wars movies. They may not buy the books, wear the costumes, or attend the conventions but a lot of so-called Mundanes are just fans looking for their inner geekdom.